Foundation for Polish Science TEAM TECH Core Facility Plus/2017-2/2:

"Flow-PROSPER – Flow Cytometry Protein Signature Platform for Personalised Therapies"



The aim of the Flow-PROPSER project is to develop advanced flow cytometriy protein signature platform for designation of specific sets of protein markers assisting in the development of personalized therapies.


Project funds: 1 498 638 PLN


The goal of the FlowPROSPER project is to develop advanced Flow Cytometry Protein Signature platform and service for the biomedical research and R&D sector, in the field of personalized therapies. Civilization diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, are the major socio-economical burden for societies worldwide. Development of personalized therapies to treat civilization diseases is a current line in the biomedical sector. Also, designing of novel methods and markers to diagnose susceptibility to treatment and effectiveness of the therapy is important.  Specifically, we plan to create the advanced multicolor flow cytometry service to analyze the specific protein signatures, which can be used to predict sensitivity to personalized therapies or even monitor the response and efficiency of treatment.  This panels can be designed for a broad range of biomedical proof-of-concept, preclinical and clinical studies, in a multiple civilization diseases.