Please be conscientious of the fact that you are operating an expensive piece of equipment that is used for numerous scientific projects. Therefore, any instrument downtime due to careless handling is usually very expensive and will affect other investigators.


  1. Independent use of the FACSCalibur is possible only by trained users, who got a permission to work independently and have an acces to the room; if you are going to use the machine for the first time, please contact the stuff.
  2. The samples have to be prepared according to appropriate protocols for flow cytometry, which can be provided by the Laboratory of Cytometry. The stuff is in charge to stop experiment if samples are prepared unproperly, to avoid the damage of instruments.
  3. Please be punctual. If you are over 30 minutes late, you may not be able to use the instrument, as the next person in the schedgule can start the experiment (in case of the delay, contact the next user).
  4. If you have any difficulties during your run on the cytometers, please ask for our assistance. We are here to help you.
  5. Always remember to cancel your reservation if you are not comming. If you was the last user in the schedule, inform the previous person that she/he is supposed to clean and switch off the machine.
  6. If your procedure requires more than 3 hours, please try to sign-up for non-peak hours (when there is no maximum time restriction) and do not book the following days.
  7. Follow the instructions for usage and cleaning. Detailed notes on washing procedures are posted on the FACS machine. After instrument is washed, be sure to put it on "standby" or switch off if you are the last user.
  8. Leave the place ready to go for others.
  9. Do not forget to fill out the instrument notebook (hours of usage, type of experiment, operator, any technical problems, etc). Otherwise you will be charged for the all time you booked.
  10. Archive your files frequently.
  11. The use of the instrument is charged according to the current list of charges, which is available on the laboratory web page. Time spent on off-line data analysis is not charged.
  12. Users who will not follow the General Rules and take care about the equipment properly will not be able to use the cytometers and work independently; 



FACSCalibur operating manual