The laboratory possesses two FACSCaliburs, which are benchtop flow cytometers that provide standard multicolor analysis. They are equipped with two lasers, an air-cooled argon laser (488nm) and a red diode laser (635nm), which are spatially separated for high sensitivity needed for multicolor analysis. It requires minimal need for compensation and flexibility in fluorochrome selection. Up to four colors can be analyzed on this system using the 488 and 633 lasers (among these are FITC, PE, PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5, and APC). The detectors available from the 488 laser are 530/30, 585/42, >670, and from the 633 laser, 661/16. The BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer provides flexibility to support a wide variety of research (cell analysis, assay development, verification, and isolation of cellular populations of interest) and clinical applications. The FACSCalibur uses a Macintosh workstation and CellQuest acquisition/analysis software.


     FACSCalibur operating manual