1. The Laboratory of Cytometry of the Nencki Institute is an independent unit which provides the core-facility services and is under supervision of the Institute’s Director;
  2. The Head of Laboratory of Cytometry is responsible for its organization and  function;
  3. The use of the instrument is charged according to the current list of charges, which is available on the laboratory web page. Time spent on off-line data analysis is not charged;
  4. The employees of the Nencki Institute have the priority in the usage of equipment and service;
  5. Laboratory of Flow Cytometry provides all necessary consumables at the stage of setting up the experiment. It is your responsibility to provide all necessary reagents and consumables during your experiments;
  6. Samples have to be prepared according to appropriate protocols for flow cytometry, which can be provided by the Laboratory of Cytometry and labelled. The stuff is in charge to stop experiment if samples are prepared unproperly, to avoid the damage of instruments;
  7. Please be punctual. If you are over 30 minutes late, you may not be able to use the instrument, as the next person in the schedgule can start the experiment;
  8. Only users who were trained and recieved the agreement from the stuff of the Laboratory of Cytometry can use the equipment independently;
  9. For an open-access instruments, users are obligated to book the time in the calendar, put in the whole name and the telephone number; in case of cancelation or delay over 30 minutes, users are obligated to change their reservation, otherwise they will be charged with cost of exploitation according to the price-list; Specific regulations are in the file: “Open access”
  10. Persons who are interested in the usage of the sorter or LSRFortessa are asked to contact directly the staff of the Laboratory of Cytometry by e-mail or telephone;
  11. Users are obligated to put in the Lab Book the type of performed analysis, time of the work, and the name of laboratory;
  12. In all types of publications (bulletin, articles, dissertations etc.) which include data received in the Laboratory of Cytometry, it is necessary to place the information: „Badania … przeprowadzono w Pracowni Cytometrii Instytutu Biologii Doświadczalnej im. M. Nenckiego PAN”/ „ Experiments ... were performed in the Laboratory of Cytometry of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology”. This information should be placed in the chapter Materials and Methods or in the footer;
  13. Users are obligated to send the information about all types of publications and conference presentations in which data received in the Laboratory of Cytometry were presented, with the annotation to what extent they were involved (information in the footer or as a co-author);
  14. In case of any technical or other problems it is necessary to inform immediately the stuff of the Laboratory of Cytometry;
  15. Users who will not follow the General Rules and take care about the equipment properly will not be able to use the cytometers; 


Regulamin świadczenia usług (in polish): Pracownia_Cytometrii_Zasady_swiadczenia_uslug.pdf  


Contact persons:

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