The BD FACSAria I™Cell Sorter with which the Laboratory of Cytometry is equipped in is a first easy-to-use benchtop which delivers high-speed sorting and multicolor analysis. It is equipped with a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell which provides superior fluorescence sensitivity. It can simultaneously detect up to 11 parameters (2 scatter signals and up to 9 fluorescent parameters) by utilizing 3 air-cooled, solid state lasers (laser outputs at 488nm, 633nm, and 405nm) and a fixed optical alignment system allowing for multiple configurations and a wide range of fluorochromes. It also contains a Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) for Forward Scatter (FSC) for greater dynamic range among smaller particles.  The FACSAria allows for digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000 cells per second and multicolor sterile sorting rates up to 40,000 cells per second while maintaining high purity and cell recovery yields. The BD FACSAria is able to sort into two- and four-way bulk sorting devices for a variety of tube sizes (micro-tubes, 12 x 75ml test tubes, 15ml falcon tubes). The cytometer can sort using Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) to multi-well plates or on the microscope slide. The FACSAria is equipped with an Aerosol Management System that evacuates any aerosols from the sort chamber and has a refrigeration system that allows cooling of the sort sample and sort collection tubes. The FACSAria workstation is equipped with BD FACSDiva software that is used for the collection, storage, and analysis of digital data.


In 2016 our Aria sorter has been upgraded to Aria II.  A full upgrade option to a BD FACSAria IIU with temperature control incl. wetcart, new flow cell, new nozzles plus new sort block and plates has been installed.