Lab members:

Paulina Podszywałow-Bartnicka - Assistant Professor

Piotr Chrościcki - Postdoc

Wioleta Dudka-Ruszkowska - PhD Student

Marta Kolba  - PhD Student

Julian Swatler - PhD student

Magdalena Wołczyk - PhD Student


Marta Brewińska-Olchowik - Core-Facility Manager

Łukasz Bugajski - Flow cytometry Specialist

Agata Kominek  - Flow cytometry Specialist

Zofia Dąbrowska - Biologist / Technician


The Laboratory of Cytometry at the Nencki Institute has been established in June 2010. Our priority is to provide the state of the art flow cytometry core-facility service, high quality expertize and training in flow cytometry for in-house and outside investigators. We are also involved in the research and innovative projects, based on the high-tech flow cytometry applications. We are using modern flow cytometry applications to study different cellular processes, immune cells, apoptosis, signal transduction, ROS production and many others. One of our expertize is cell sorting, including sorting of rare populations, single-cell sorting into the 96-well plates or ampligrid slides.


Lab members provide training, organize courses and workshops in basic and advanced flow cytometry techniques. We participate in the ISAC (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) initiatives to provide opportunities for collaboration with expertize laboratories.



The own research program concentrates on investigation of the prosurvival pathways activated in leukemia cells, with the special interest in the adaptative stress response, genomic instability and therapy resistance as well as understanding intercellular cross-talk within the leukemia microenvironment. Our general aim is to discover mechanisms promoting leukemia progression and development of resistance, to propose novel therapeutic strategies. A high priority is to understand the influence on the leukemia microenvironment and cross-talk of leukemia cells with other, sorrounding cells like stroma or immune system cells. Part of our research is dedicated to verification of the novel targets and potential therapeutic treatments. We realize these aims by studies at the genomic, proteomic and cellular levels, with the use of broad range of molecular and cellular techniques, using in vitro and in vivo models. For details go to the "Research" .

Laboratory of Cytometry provides also cell culture unit and all necessary laboratory facilities.